Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Introducing... Pampered Bed and Bath

It is a significant understatement to say that life is busy. Life is busy, complicated, hectic, worrisome, and full of unexpected challenges. As I grow older (more and more rapidly, it seems, as years go by!), I've begun to realize that the times of peace are few and far between--mere pockets of quiet in the midst of a din of noise.

I think this reality forces us to appreciate the little things in life. This is sort of a cliche, but I think it happens to be true. When life seems to be endless cycles of meals, chores, errands, appointments, deadlines, car repairs, and more, the small pleasures of life become very important for cultivating genuine joy in the midst of everything.

Small pleasures, like... A bunch of ruby red gladiolas you bought on sale... A gourmet brie enjoyed with fresh baked bread... A fresh cup of French-pressed espresso (even if you're drinking it with your Cheerios)... Or, a longer-than-usual shower with a bar of homemade organic soap... These little things may seem trivial, but I think they're important. After all, God has reconciled all of creation in Christ and that creation is good and meant to be enjoyed.

So, what's my point? Well, I think this is this little reflection is the best way to introduce a wonderful new business to you, launched recently by a friend, Sonya Duren. She is the dreamer, founder, and owner behind Pampered Bed and Bath, a small online business that provides an assortment of organic and natural products for the home. If you peruse her website, you'll find a lovely selection of linens, towels, baby items, soaps, candles, and much more.

I recommend Pampered Bed and Bath to you not only because Sonya is a friend and a good person, but also because she is offering quality products. And, who doesn't like the idea of buying from a good person who makes good stuff? I have personally been enjoying a couple bars of the PB&B Essentials Soaps and, in case you're wondering, my personal favorite is Cinnamon Honey.

So, my blogger friends, take a look when you have the time. Let Sonya help you to enjoy some of the little pleasures in life. You won't regret it.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the kind words! I'm so glad that you are enjoying the soap! My favorite is called "Orange Hibiscus". (I hope to have that one in stock soon.)
Sonya Duren
Pampered Bed and Bath

Steve said...

I like soap. Not to brag, but I bathe at least twice weekmonthly whether I really need to or not. Sometimes the dog looks .... embarrased.

Let's hear it for the small business people out there. They hire a lot more people than the big "blue chips."

Jade said...

I'm just now responding to this lovely reflection and I think it is very true that we should take time to enjoy the little things (personally, I like surrounding myself with scraps of paper and stickers I've collected over the years and pictures taken and lovingly arranging them in a scrapbook...it is both comforting and relaxing!)

Thanks for your suggestion! I will be sure to check it out...and I know that Scott sent you a message and FOR REAL if you need anything at all PLEASE let us know : )