Friday, December 18, 2009

Abby Johnson: A Journey to Pro-Life

Honestly, I'm not a big fan of the newspaper for the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention, the Southern Baptist Texan. The editor, Gary Ledbetter, and I have exchanged emails on a number of occasions and I've written official letters to the editor more times than I can count (mostly protesting their narrow-minded, politically conservative agenda). But, they are carrying a story this month that is very important, I think. And, it is regretfully being ignored by the majority of major news networks, except for Fox News (which, I have to say, I don't really consider a news network).

And so, I encourage you to read this story. Although I'm sure Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, and Ann Coulter will make Abby Johnson their latest "Joe the Plumber," I think it is obvious she is not a ideologue, nor is she being insincere in the story of her journey out of the abortion rights "camp." Indeed, she seems like someone who is thoughtful, intelligent, and decidedly pro-woman. So, take a look when you have the time and consider the power of Abby's story. I, for one, am grateful for her witness.


Steve said...

Wow! What a gripping story! The life this woman thought she understood and needed lost its cohesiveness when she began to realize just what things were worthy and which ones false and hollow. I see this as just how the world works - the grass on the wrong side only appeals for so long. Thank Heaven we have time (usually) to realize how our first choices may have failed.

Forgive me for honestly asking if the same thing is happening to a generation of American liberals with the choices presented by the current leadership in Washington.

Liberal ideals always appeal to us when we are young (at least they did to me) but developments seem perfectly arranged nowadays to force liberals to realize how much of a price is going to be asked of them and their offspring as mistake piles on top of intentional misbehavior on top of political designs going in a direction directly away from how our country developed into a promised land of opportunity.

One can stay as angry at the previous generation as one likes, but as Obama, Reid, Pelosi, and their followers devote everything they can touch to changing our country forever into something I don't think anyone wants, my younger liberal friends seem forced to deal with the heart-wrenching question of whether they can sleep at night supporting what ideals they have pusued for ten ot twenty years.

As far as Fox News is concerned, I actually see its news programs as standing exactly where the American news establishment was in the fifties and sixties until the convulsions that began with Vietnam. No one in the West was playing such a romance with the party in power as the other main news players are doing today.

Charlie Mac said...

Emily, I would never have read the article had you not pointed it out. Thank you. I had heard a brief interview with Abby Johnson on a radio talk show. This article should indeed be read by every Christian.