Friday, November 6, 2009

"Evil People Do Evil Things": A Friend's Reflection on the Shooting at Fort Hood

Regarding the tragic shooting in Fort Hood, Texas, a friend and young writer, blogger, and Christian thinker, David Sessions, offers a short but pointed perspective on his blog for Patrol Magazine. David is the Editor of Patrol, a self-described "independent daily magazine where young post-evangelical writers explore their interactions with art, culture, politics, and technology." I find his post refreshing in a time of shrillness and fear-mongering. Check it out here. Come to think of it, I always enjoy checking in on what David and his other contributors have to say at Patrol, even if I don't always agree. I recommend it to you, as well.


UnderMidnight said...

ATTN: muslim extremists
RE: employment

the united states' army is currently seeking members of middle-eastern terrorist orgaizations to fill officer positions.
no references or background checks required.
our careless and lazy security protocols are guaranteed to allow you to plan the "allah hu akbar" of your dreams.

UnderMidnight said...

another thing that i do not understand is that this guy was a psychiatrist, treating soldiers returning from the middle east.
i worked with a guy who was in the army and did tours over there. the minute he found out a car he was working on belonged to a "sand nigger" he dropped his tools and left. he showed me some pictures of the car bombings his team responded to. no wonder the guy was messed up.
i wanna know who the freaking moron is who decided an arab should be treating these soldiers, who can't even stand the sight of arabs.