Thursday, September 3, 2009

William @ 4 Months

William is turning four months-old on Saturday. He's the delight of our lives. Here are a few choice photos from the past couple weeks. Enjoy!


Steve said...

I got two granmamas tied right around my little finger!

Charlie Mac said...

Happy Birthday Little Man. Beautiful baby boy. Congratuations ot Mom and Dad. Dear Ord, Watch over these special people in special ways as they grow in Your love.

Gary Snowden said...

He's looking mighty cute! Congratulations to you and enjoy the time together. My, how quickly they grow up.

Steve said...

Soon enough you will hear:

"PTA Meetin' tonight. I told her you'd bring punch."

"Dad told me to ask you..."

"Mom, I need the keys to the truck. Got any gas in it?"