Friday, September 18, 2009

Guest Blog for

My friend, Jeff Flowers, invited me to provide a guest post on his blog, Jeff is a pastor at The Bridge, an urban church in uptown Cincinnati (with whom my family has been privileged to worship for the past five months), as well as a consultant for church leaders, and an all-around good human being. Jeff is a creative, intelligent, and sincere follower of Jesus. Enjoy perusing his blog after you take a look at my thoughts.


Bob Cleveland said...


Wise words. I'm a very shy person, by nature, but I found out God doesn't see that as a hindrance, so I can't, either. So I am more prone to speak in cases like you mention, than most.

I also read a fascinating survey result in Reader's Digest, perhaps 50 years ago, that showed that, the bigger the crowd, the less likely anyone will step up and help. Knowing that, I always figured I was without excuse.

Good thoughts, ma'am.

Ashley said...

You always have great insights, Emily!

Charlie Mac said...

"As Christians, we are discovering the love and acceptance that comes from God through Jesus Christ. We are seeking to walk in this freedom and live out the Kingdom of God in our day-to-day life. As people who walk with our foibles and frailties constantly before us, why would we not consider it a privilege to offer grace to other frail creatures of dust, like us?"

Like Bob, I too am naturally shy, but have learned to speak up in my "old age".

The whole article (blog) is very thoughtful. I want to try to keep the above paragraph in the forefront of my reasoning when I encounter human beings this week.

Maybe if I can do it for a week, it will become a habit?