Tuesday, December 2, 2008

We're having a baby!

Hello, friends in the blog-world!

Many people in our lives already know the good news, but now that I'm nearing my 20th week, I thought it was appropriate to share with everyone that Ronnie and I are expecting our first child in May. In a week and a half, we'll be having an ultrasound to find out if we're expecting a little girl or boy. Of course, Ronnie's hoping for a boy, but I'll be happy either way.

Hopefully, this news will help explain to my readers why things have been quiet around here for the past few weeks. Currently, I'm working full-time for my mom's business, saving money for our new family addition. And, unfortunately, I've been participating in the typical first-pregnancy sickness, as well. Thankfully, the worst of it seems to be waning, but I remain pretty tired and mentally preoccupied, to say the least.

As things progress and the day gets closer when our baby will join us, Ronnie and I cherish your prayers. We've never done this before, but I know enough to know that everything is about to change!

Blessings to all during the Advent season,



Gary Snowden said...


A hearty congratulations to you and Ronnie on the great news about your pregnancy. I trust that the morning sickness will subside and that you will be able to enjoy the remaining months leading up to the birth of your child. We wound up with 4 boys, spread out across many years, with the oldest one being 31 and the youngest 16. We learned recently that the wife of our oldest, the mother of our two grandchildren, is expecting again.

debbiekaufman said...

I am soooo happy for you guys. Congratulations. Yes, your life is about to change. You are about to build a legacy with your family.

UnderMidnight said...

i'm sure it wasn't obvious that i was hoping for a girl, cause...girls rule.
if i can manage parenthood with all of my dysfunctions then you guys will do just fine. all I have to say is get the epidural. those things are amazing these days. far better than when I was with jenelle many years ago.

I can't explain what it is like having your own kid. You'll find out soon enough.
This is what was meant for me on earth. I can have a day where I feel like jumping off of a bridge but when I get home...none of that matters.

ddflowers said...


Sandra said...

How exciting! There's nothing like being pregnant at Christmas time. The anticipation and joy that seems to connect you to Mary as she eagerly anticipated Christ's birth. Hope you continue to feel well!

Paul said...

Hey, a big congratulations, Emily! This is such wonderful news. I remember when my wife was pregnant with our third. She was running a bit of a fever at delivery time and was not able to have an epidural because of it. She swore to me and her doctor that she was done. No more! Not an hour after our daughter was born she was so overjoyed with this new life that she was already reconsidering.

That's what kids will do to you. Well....that and they'll make you want to kill them (or yourself) on occasion.

What a blessing!

Strider said...

Congratulations Emily! May God give you the grace to raise a child that will give glory to His name. Oh, and enjoy the wild ride of being a parent.

Steve said...

Wow, man - what a lucky kid! Two big-hearted beievers with lots of love to give and lots of energy for all those 2:00 A.M. feedings!

Now, the way to do it is to have a tomboy girl, wait a few years, and let her help you raise the boy, who will learn early and as painlessly as possible that the females run the place! LOL That's what worked for us.

Just predicting now ....
Get the frilly dress pictures while you can, Mom, 'cause once she's two she'll be picking out her t-shirts and jeans to wear ALL by HERSELF thankyouverymuch!

Oh, and reading Disney picture books to her friends in Kindergarten, of course.

art rogers said...


Congratulations. I'm excited for you. I pray the sickness soon passes and that this time will be precious.

You won't get to live alone at home with your husband for another 20+ years, give or take.

As for your anonymous comment dropper, I would go ahead and take down what you have up now. If they're going to read it, they probably have, but there is no sense in burdening a celebration of your pregnancy with this kind of stuff. Then you can edit this section off of my comment, or delete the whole thing completely, if necessary.

Just sayin'.

artrogers said...

That line about not living alone with your husband was meant to reference this time being special from the antecedent paragraph.

It wasn't intended to be orphaned and therefore come across so cryptic.

Sorry! :)

Emily Hunter McGowin said...

You're right, Art. Actually, I forgot about the whole thing til I checked my blog just now. Thanks!

Steve said...

And remember, a car isn't experienced until it's been thrown up in and baby car seats in at least two places!

May you always have great little travelers - and a path into the house requiring no steps to carry babies up.

Glenda Katsetos said...

I'm always a littel behind getting here, Emily...


That's all I have to say about that.. tell Ron if he wants a boy he can borrow one of ours anytime!

Seriously, love you guys. This kids is blessed beyond measure having the two of you as parents.

Glenda Katsetos said...

Hey, Emily,

I'm always behind on this thing, but you know what I have to say anyway... I WANT TO BUY PINK!!!! If Ron wants a boy around, you can borrow one of ours anytime!

Seriously, though, this kid is way blessed to have you and Ron as her parents. Love you guys!