Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Your thoughts?

I know what I think about Voddie Baucham's recent statement that Gov. Sarah Palin is the "anti-family" Vice President pick for Sen. John McCain. What do you think? Check out the Ethics Daily article here and the original blog from Baucham here. And, please, as you make your comments, remember to "play nice."


debbiekaufman said...

I'm probably thinking the same thing you are thinking Emily. :)

Sandra said...

Right or wrong, at least he's consistent!

Emily Hunter McGowin said...

Sandra, I agree. The consistency is to be commended.

peter lumpkins said...

Dear Girls,

I am not quite sure how, if one happens to be mistaken, consistency remains morally commendable. Our brother Voddie, while surfing a thoroughly biblical wave--complementarianism--may have experienced an embarassing acid drop as he rides it to shore.

In this case, I think misapplication of biblical principle must, at minimum, be suspect.

With that, I am...


P.S. Of course, I'm just funnin' with the 'girls' greeting...

Emily Hunter McGowin said...

Hello Boy (Peter) :)

I agree with your assessment that consistency is not "morally commendable." But, surely it is intellectually commendable.

In the end, although I disagree with Baucham's conclusions, I'm not so sure that they arise from a "misapplication of biblical principle." I think he might be one of a few who are willing to apply the biblical principle of male headship in a consistent fashion.

Of course, I am just a girl, though... :)

Thanks for stopping by, Peter. You always have something interesting to say. I love the "acid drop" reference. Maybe you helped Gov. Palin write her bitingly sarcastic speech last night? Just curious...

Grace to you,


Anonymous said...

I agree with Joe Biden that"She had a great night," and that "I was impressed with her."

I didn't hear any bitingly scarcastic words. Even Biden said about her zingers that "they're good, funny lines, I've got to admit."
Palin 2016

Rick Garner

Emily Hunter McGowin said...

Good morning, Rick,

I'm a naturally sarcastic person. And, I'm married to a sarcastic person. I'm pretty sure I heard both bites and sarcasm last night:

"I guess that's like a community organizer...except with real responsibility..."

"I'm sorry Wasilla isn't cosmopolitan enough for our opponent..."

But, of course, the fact that I remember these (and other lines) says a lot. Clearly, it worked for her and presented her as a strong, tough person to be reckoned with.

Plus, nothing fires up the base like taking swings at the opponent, especially when the one doing the swinging is an "every-mom."

Yes, she had a great night. I was impressed. But, she (or McCain speech-writers) used the time-tested rhetorical tool of sarcasm to get there.

Have a great day,


debbiekaufman said...

Peter: Do you know what's funny? I was actually thinking the same thing that you wrote as a joke. :) I was thinking it word for word as you wrote here.

Irvin Ryan said...

ahhh the complexity of Christian Values and Politics. I remember when one of our prominent christian leader here in the Philippines ran for president, the Church have different opinions. argghh


That Voddie,IMO, is standing at the edge of CHristianity and extremity(at least in that blog entry).

can you put a feed in your blog? so it'll be easier for us to subscribe. thanks. Shalom !!!

r. grannemann said...

Sarah had to come out swinging, considering her pillaging in the press. And her speech was effective in shutting up her detractors a bit.

My concern is that she couldn't tell the truth about "the Bridge to Nowhere." I expect from truthfulness, even from politicians.

Steve said...

What on Earth are these Landmarkist freedom-limiters so afraid of? Was I in the wrong church when I heard of the Priesthood of the believer?

CharlieMac said...

Sarcasm may be a good way to begin my comment on this subject. Has anyone else ever noticed that most churches with Grace in their names are not very graceful? Or that many churches with Missionary in their names are not very mission minded? Surely you do know that some Baptist churches aren't really Baptist and a number who no longer have Baptist in their names are closet Baptist?

How can any woman work to better life for other women and other families without taking some amount of time away from their own families?

Sounds to me like complaining that Sarah Palin not being really pro-family (and by innuendo, not really pro-life)) because she is running for high office is just another way of saying that she (and all women) should stay at home and raise her children.

My wife used to hunt. I taught her to shoot. She had a natural talent and could always out shoot me.

I can hardly wait until the Biden/Palin debate. Biden had better be ready for a butt whipping
unless he learns to get to the point with his answers.

Charlie Mac