Thursday, February 28, 2008

I love my "kids"

Things are slow around the McGowin house today. Even our dogs, Cooper and Oliver, are feeling lethargic and catching some Zzzz's in their doggy-chair. (Believe it or not, when we got new livingroom furniture, we let the pups have their favorite big chair.) I thought I'd share these cute pics with my readers. I wish I could relax as easily and peacefully as they do!


Steve said...

Ahh! Gotta be warm and gotta be touching my buddy (so I know he ain't got nothin' o' mine!)

The most excited my dogs get is when they have just GOT to bury/hide some toy to keep it away from the other one.

CB Scott said...

Nice dogs. You must be really bright. Only the brightest people are chosen by Boxers as their personal pets. :-)


Emily Hunter McGowin said...

Very true, CB, very true. :)