Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Conversation about women in the NT

My friend Joel, who is pursuing a Master's in philosophy at Birkbeck in London, began a conversation on his blog about 1 Tim 2:15--that strange little verse about women being saved through childbearing. A few friends joined the coversation and their interaction eventually pulled me in as well. Some of what I've said there previews how I will deal with NT passages in my series here. Check it out here, if for no other reason than Joel is wicked smart and a fruit-producing follower of Jesus.


Debbie Kaufman said...

You are right Emily, he is wickedly smart. But so are you. I especially liked your point is the 1950 model driving women away from the church and the hearing of the gospel? Yes. It drove me away for a while anyway. I was better off without that kind of religion. Society was beginning to afford me opportunities that the church was saying I couldn't have.

Melanie W said...

Emily - hello! I stumbled upon your blog a while back b/c of comments of yours I had read on other's blogs. I just wanted to "introduce" myself and say that I am looking forward to your upcoming posts dealing with women in the Bible. This might be an issue that we have been dealing with for 1500 years - but I can't help but think that it will be taking a center stage during our lifetime.

Looking forward to challenging discussions in the future -
Melanie Warren

UnderMidnight said...

I honestly think that little bit is the product of an emanuensis. I haven't used that word in so long I hope I spelled it right.

I can't reconcile it with the rest of scripture, including the creation account to which it refers.
If Paul wrote that letter then I stand on the side of those who believe the person with the pen or one of the various scribes took liberties with the letter.
Dr. Talbert believes the letter is bound to the context and church to which it was written. But still the odd statement about the woman being deceived first...I still cant get that to fit in with the creation account that has adam standing right there with her. Together we were created and together we fell.

So I still place 1 tim 2:9-15 in the "WTF?" file.

Joel said...


Strider said...

I look forward to your continued posts on this subject. I waffled back and forth for years in my attempt to understand this issue. In the end I am a pragmatist and I looked at the Word and I saw what women DID in the Bible and I asked the question for which no complimentarian will give an answer: Why must the egalitarians explain 1Tim 2 but the complimentarians have no responsibility to explain the multitudes of women in Scripture who actually DID ministry. Mention Deborah and you just get rolled eyes as if that answers everything. No, I don't understand much of 1 Cor or 1 Tim but I will not pursue an interpretation that denies Deborah, Mary Magdalene (First Proclaimer (preacher?) of the Good News), or the many women Paul himself mentions as partners in the Gospel with various titles including deaconess, head deaconess or even apostle. No, you wont catch me telling anyone that God can't or won't use women for anything He sets His mind to.