Monday, December 10, 2007

Recent reports from Australia

Australia: old friend of the "war on terror," but new foe of the war on terrorism of women. Read more about the chronic problem of child sex abuse among the historically maligned and abused Aboriginal peoples here.


Debbie Kaufman said...

This is ridiculous. A judge actually thinks a ten year old girl agreed to have sex with nine men? I hope this judge is kicked off the bench.

Emily Hunter McGowin said...

Debbie, it seems like it is not just the judge's problem. She says that it was the prosecution who asked for the light sentences. The one who is supposed to be pressing for justice is the one promoting injustice. It's sick.

Steve said...

I agree with the quote from Boni Robertson. I had thought we have moved all of the pre-industrial subsistence-level hunter-gatherers up to the 19th century by now.

At least the 7th century?

UnderMidnight said...

The injustices that happen to women ang girls throughout the world make me want to puke.

In my gender class the number of females who were at risk for female genital mutilation, per day, was staggering. That doesn't even consider the ones who are abused and raped as well.

Sadly, where many of these things happen, it is not considered criminal but a part of the social program.

As far as the 9 men having sex with a ten-year-old...any one who rapes a ten year old needs to have their balls cut off, deep fried, and fed to them.

I had an anthropology class once and most of the class was spent hating america and its culture and praising everything else. The word "primitive" was forbidden to be used in reference to any kind of hunter-gatherer tribal society.

Now we have our own problems for sure...but legitimizing child gang rape...I'd like to see that professor make that work. The evil Eurocentrism isn't so bad after all.

/end of rant

Emily Hunter McGowin said...


LOL. Your honesty is shocking sometimes, but refreshing, too.



UnderMidnight said...

The purpose of me here is to go out of my way to not censor my thoughts. So you get stuff before it is allowed to go to the editing board. I don't know if that's a blessing or a curse for you.