Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The packing tape ate my homework

My home is a jungle of cardboard and dust.
My life is a bundle of prickly-pointed change.
And, my heart is not big enough to take it all in.

Tomorrow, my husband and I begin a weekend road-trip with all of our furry clan: Oliver, Cooper, Jezebel, Elijah, and Jonah. We are following a giant moving truck carrying all of our worldly goods as they are transplanted from Fairfield, Texas to Hamilton, Ohio.

I do not anticipate being able to post anything new for a few days, especially since I am writing another sermon to be preached upon my return to school on Tuesday.

If you think of us, please pray for the safety and strength of our four-footed entourage. And, for me, as I attempt to be a good student and faithful friend while undergoing a drastic life-change.


UnderMidnight said...

I wonder if I can use the excuse the Master Chief ate my homework...

UnderMidnight said...

Hope the animal relocation project goes well. Hope you got to watch the blue man group. The band on there, Venus Hum, I have a video of their's on my facebook.

I'll bring The Wall next week. I think you could appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

how did it go. Sorry I didn't read this till after you preached it.


Emily Hunter McGowin said...

It went well, actually. It was the first sermon I've done that I haven't wanted to puke beforehand. I consider that a victory. :)

Josh, I am surprised at how much I enjoy preaching. I thought I would hate it and stink at it, but I don't. That's a grace-filled surprise from God, I think.

What's it like for you to be someone very book-smart and well-read, but ministering in a local church as a "teaching pastor"? I would love to pick your brain about how you went from pursuing a PhD to doing what you are doing now.

Grace and peace to you, Olive Oil, and Popeye,