Monday, September 10, 2007

"Suffer the little children..."

This morning, I was contemplating life in occupied Iraq. I was drawn to an essay of photos that included this one of two little girls being bathed by their mother:

There is a reminder here, I think. There are thousands of children in the war zone of Iraq--children who look like our children: innocent and playful, mischevious and petulant. These nameless Iraqi girls are are those about whom Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these" (Mark 10:14). When we quote the King James, we say, "Suffer the little children..." In Iraq, there is now much truth to this archaic translation. I don't want to forget that.

You may access the original photo, as well as the whole photo essay on the lives of Iraqi women at BBC News on-line.


peter lumpkins said...


How my heart tears as I see such. These little babies are the causalities of an adult war. They have waged terror on no one.

Candidly, I do not quite know how I feel about the Iraqi War presently. At one time the invasion was much more clearer to me than now. I find myself hobbled in a thick, moral fog. Theories lack persuasion as young people perish.

Yet, to look our dead youth's momma in the eye and say "your boy died notably but for nothing" is a failed medicine I cannot ask them to take. Good Heavens! The absolute hell we get ourselves in.

Maranatha. With that, I am...


Emily Hunter McGowin said...


I share in your confusion and emotional distress. We have two former students headed back to Iraq in the next few weeks. We have missionaries stationed in the Middle East as well. The feelings are many-layered and murky. When its all said and done, though, I know you agree that the loss of innocent life is tragedy on both sides.

Thanks for stopping by, Peter.

Grace and peace,


traveller said...

We need to be constantly reminded of the cost of war in terms of lives.....all lives. Thank you, Emily, for keeping it to the fore.

Today's (11 September) "Morning Edition" on NPR has two poignant and enlightening stories. One of a Iraqi woman who worked with the US after the overthrow of Saddam Hussein who has fled to Damascus because she was kidnapped and tortured for eight days by fellow Iraqis for helping the US. She has applied to come to the US but is not making much progress. The other is an audio diary of a young Iraqi dentist. These can be hears online at and going to today's "Morning Edition" program. These give a glimpse of the consequences of our actions, which no doubt were unintended, but have happened.

R. L. Vaughn said...

Thanks so much for the reminder.

Anonymous said...

Could we say that traumatized societies heal themselves by protecting/cherishing their children?

I have actually counseled friends who struggle with racism by asking them to observe the hated group's children - they are as open and innocent as that friend's own. I haven't gotten negative results back yet.

EHMcG, you have such a loving Christ-like heart.
When y'all start having little'uns, mebbe I kin get y'all to adopt me!!

Steve Austin

UnderMidnight said...

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