Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Shut Up!

I was trying some green ginger tea from Starbucks this morning and I happened to read the quote on the back of my cup. I know Starbucks has been in trouble in the past for the quotations they publish, but this one speaks great wisdom.

The Way I See It #280
"You can learn a lot more from listening than you can from talking. Find someone with whom you don't agree in the slightest and ask them to explain themselves at length. Then take a seat, shut your mouth, and don't argue back. It's physically impossible to listen with your mouth open."
- John Moe, Radio host and author of Conservatize Me.

Do you feel the sting of conviction? I sure do. Its funny that those of us who know the truth are usually the ones who can't keep our mouths shut. But, very often, that's precisely what we need to do. There's a reason James says that the tongue is a "restless evil, full of deadly poison," unable to be tamed (James 3:8b). If a radio host understands the value of shutting up and listening, surely we who know the word of God should as well.


john said...

Thanks Emily!
Pick up a copy of the book if you get a chance. I think you might like it.

--John Moe

Emily Hunter McGowin said...


Thanks for stopping by. After doing a little more research on your book, I would love to read it. I will pick up a copy.

I really like the concept. It reminds me of the 30 Days series that was on TV for a while.

BTW: I'm an evangelical living in a red state and even I don't care for Sean Hannity or Toby Keith. I don't know how you did it!

Grace and peace,


Mel said...

Well, knowing you personally pretty well, I can enlighten all that you do NOT suffer from this afflication. You are the most even-handed, open-minded person I know! That's why I consider myself incredibly blessed to be under your tutelage.

UnderMidnight said...

Toby Keith makes me want to puke.
There just had to get that out.
Actually, 99 percent of "country" music makes me want to puke.
K. I better stop talking about music.

I feel wretched for missing yesterday. There is nothing I look forward to more than sharing time with you. I got up wednesday feeling a bit off and it went downhill from there. The worst has passed, although I still called in to work today.

Anonymous said...

Just found a link to your blog on Wade's site...enjoyed my first visit, won't be my last. I like how you think!