Wednesday, August 1, 2007

A Prayer for the Christian Scholar

Rescue me, Jesus.
Rescue me from the insatiable need to be right.
...from the anger, bitterness, frustration, harshness, and sarcasm that arise from the compulsion to be right.
...from blocked ears, a closed mind, and a cold heart.
...from a spirit that is slow to listen, quick to speak, and quick to become enraged.
...from hatred, resentment, and loathing of my critics.
...from the spirit of superiority that seeks to dominate and control those with whom I disagree.
...from self-righteousness, self-centeredness, self-aggrandizement, and self-worship.
...from jumping to conclusions and leaping to condemnations.
...from intellectual snobbery, denominational arrogance, and spiritual conceit.
Rescue me, Jesus.
Rescue me from me.


Lu said...

Amen and Amen.

And I think God has answered this prayer for you. At least from what I "see" of you here in Internet Bloggerland. :)

Be well, my Sister. I'm proud to be in the same Family with you.

Emily Hunter McGowin said...

Unfortunately, just because it doesn't come through the keyboard doesn't mean its not in the heart. I need a total transformation--we all do, of course. T

hanks for your encouragement, Lu. I'm blessed to call you sister, as well.

Have a good evening,


Emily Hunter McGowin said...

Whoops, that should be,

Thanks for your encouragement...

There I go being human again. :)

Tim said...

This prayer is all to appropriate for me in the midst of ministry. Thanks for voicing it.


peter lumpkins said...


Thank you for expressing an inspired poet's heart. Even for those of us who are not scholars, this prayer squeezes a bit of raw, emotional milk.

The older I get, I find myself not having to be right so often. An earlier harvest in my patch would not bear such produce, I'm afraid. Lord, give tenfold increase!

Not that I am now satisfied with being wrong. Rather, after I have shared what road I took, I remain content that another must mark up their own map.

I, with you, desperately need rescue. Grace, Emily.

With that, I am...


Lu said...


I totally understand. I think conversations like the one over at SBCOutpost this week test our character more than any other. Thank God He doesn't judge or condemn our hearts OR our actions (or words)! But rather always piles grace upon grace. Even when we don't want to do so for others, and even when others don't do so for us.

The more spiritually mature we become, the more grace we have; the more legalistic we are, the more we reveal our own immaturity. I think you fall into the former category, rather than the latter. Are you perfect yet? Not hardly. But then again, if you were, you wouldn't need Jesus. :)

PS -- I rather liked getting "hanks" :) I immediately thought of Tom and "there's no crying in baseball!" and it brought a big smile to my face. :) I'll take a hanks in trade for encouragement any day!

Mel said...

Wow. This really ministered to my heart this week! If only every believer adopted this prayer, lifting it as an aroma to God, truly seeking transformation. Revival would have to follow, wouldn't it?