Friday, July 20, 2007

Update on Darfur

Sadly, it seems that there is a strong chance that the newly discovered underwater lake in Darfur is dried up. See the report from BBC News here.

If nothing else, this recent story has made it apparent to me, and hopefully many others, that the environmental causes of the genocide in Darfur need to be seriously addressed. Here's the important quote from the BBC News article:

...Hafiz Muhamad, from the lobby group Justice Africa, told the BBC the 'root cause' of the conflict was lack of resources. He said 'drought and desertification' in North Darfur had led the Arab nomads to move south, where they came into conflict with black African farmers. Last month, the UN Environmental Programme (Unep) said there was little prospect of peace in Darfur unless the issues of environmental destruction were addressed.

It seems that tougher economic sanctions on the Sudanese government are simply "quick fix" solutions to a complex problem. Let's continue to pray and labor on behalf of this desperate region.

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Jason Epps -- Salt Lake City, Utah, USA said...


Let's also pray that some "evangelical celebrities" will step it up and lead the charge for the church to be a more significant factor in working for change in this area.