Saturday, July 21, 2007

New blog of interest

Recently, my good friend, mentor, and sometime co-author, Dr. Boyd Luter, began a new blog, Agree to Disagree Agreeably, that aims to address the various sticky issues of the Southern Baptist Convention. If you have an interest in such things, I recommend Luter's blog to you as a place of deep, careful thinking and irenic conversation.

Luter is a graduate of Mississippi State University and holds the Th.M. and Ph.D. degrees from Dallas Theological Seminary. He has over 16 years of pastoral ministry experience, as well as 15 years experience teaching Bible and theology. I benefited greatly from his tutelage at Criswell College, but he has taught as an adjunct at both Golden Gate and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminaries as well.

Luter has published eight books and 20 journal/periodical articles, in addition to contributing to a number of edited volumes on biblical and theological topics. My favorites of his books include Women as Christ's Disciples, co-authored with Kathy McReynolds, and God Behind the Seen: Expositions on the Books of Ruth and Esther, co-authored with Barry Davis.

Presently, Luter is Pastor of Comal Country Church in Canyon Lake, TX and Adjunct Professor of New Testament and Theology at Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary. He is an occasional contributor to SBC Outpost, as well.


peter lumpkins said...


Thanks for the reco. I placed him in my feedreader to keep up with his posts. I hope more in academia--especially among Baptists--will start a site.

I've very much enjoyed following yours. I placed TLWW on my "Sites Worth Surfing" page, hoping you would not mind.

Grace for a great weekend. With that, I am...


Emily Hunter McGowin said...

Thanks, Peter. I appreciate the fact that I'm a "site worth surfing." I've enjoyed your recent posts on Calvinism, though I hope you don't mind that I stayed out of the back-and-forth.

Have a blessed Lord's day,


Debbie Kaufman said...

I really enjoy Dr. Luter. I heard him for the first time at the Holy Spirit Conference at Cornerstone this last April. He is very good.

Boyd Luter said...


I didn't expact this, but thank you very much for the plug!

Blessings to Ron and you,