Friday, July 13, 2007

Photo: Today I've found the courage to be

A good friend once told me: "Emily, you are a human being, not a human doing." This is self-evident, of course. But, so often I tend to focus on what I do, instead of who I am. His gentle reprimand comes to my mind often when I find myself obsessing over what I do instead of focusing on who I am.

One of my spiritual guides over the past two years is Dallas Willard. He also reminds us that who we are becoming in Christ is more important than what we do. Above all else, we must seek, through the grace of God, to become the kind of people who have hearts like Jesus. This means receiving God's grace to be exactly who we are and recognize God's abundant love for us in that very state. There is nothing I can do or not do that will make God love me any less. In that, I find the courage to be and not do.

In that spirit, and with a grin, I submit the following photo as a pictorial representation of me finding the "courage to be" on Friday, July 13. This is who I am today and God loves me anyway. I would encourage you to find the courage to be yourself today and rest in the abundant grace of God.


Bennett Willis said...

I have a picture of one daughter asleep in her toy drawer--on top of the toys. Young ones (and cats of all ages) can sleep anywhere.

There is one sleeping on my feet right now.

Bennett Willis

Alycelee said...

...resting in God's grace.
After many years of being an A type, wild woman God finally gave me grace and taught me to rest in Him.
That was real deliverance to me.
Beautiful thoughts, Emily.

Anonymous said...

There's just not enough time in a busy day to do all those very pressing kitty things. Somebody got all tired from exploring!

Steve Austin