Monday, July 30, 2007

Birth control and California pigeons

Some of my brothers and sisters in the SBC have a more conservative view of family planning than I, particularly as it pertains to various forms of birth control. Although I disagree with their conclusions regarding oral contraceptives, I respect their right to disagree and admire the heartfelt conviction that lies behind their public stance on the issue.

That said, from my position on the matter, I find the following article quite amusing: BBC News: US pigeons to get contraceptives. If you will permit me some light-hearted laughter at their expense, I find it humorous to imagine the same folks arguing against this coerced, unnatural limitation of the pigeons' God-given duty to pro-create. (You will notice, I'm sure, that this abomination is taking place in the den of iniquity that is...California. Or, as the Governator so eloquently puts it: "Calee-fornee-a.")

I hope you can chuckle with me. If not, I hope you can forgive my strange sense of humor.


Debbie Kaufman said...

I'm doing a little more than chuckling on this one Emily. Ha ha.

Anonymous said...

We shoulda never let dem pigeons start woikin' out of da house!

Steve Austin

(P.S.: Leave enough for Jezebel to catch and play with and leave on top of the car!)

Emily Hunter McGowin said...

Actually, Jezebel and Jonah prefer mice. Unfortunately for them, mice are few and far between in our humble abode. They'd have more luck with pigeons if our boxer, Cooper, didn't scoop up so many of them. (Yes, a dog who catches birds. Its nuts and sad at the same time.)

Art said...

Now, that's just funny right there.