Thursday, July 26, 2007

Academia and the Church

At times, it is a great challenge for me to keep one foot planted firmly in the academic world and one planted just as firmly in the local church. Below are two of my favorite quotes about spanning the sometimes treacherous gap between academic disciplines and church life. They encourage me when times are tough; perhaps they will do the same for you.

“I live in a world that has done its best, since the Enlightenment, to separate the church from the academy. I believe passionately that this is deeply dehumanizing in both directions, and I have lived my adult life with a foot on both sides of the divide, often misunderstood by both…I have been reassured again and again that my calling is not necessarily to solve the great dualities of our post-Enlightenment and now postmodern world but to live in prayer at the places where the world is in pain, in the assurance that through this means, at a level far deeper than the articulate solving of the problem, my discipline may find new fruitfulness and my church, perhaps, new directions. And out of that may perhaps grow, I pray, work that is peacemaking and fruitful. The darkest times have again and again been the most fruitful.” – N. T. Wright

"Good scholarship often leads to unemployment." - Joel Weaver


Tim said...

Question: Are you a Truett student, graduate, or related to someone with a connection? I'm just curious.

Thoughtful post. I find my life torn in many different directions as a minister. One of the places that gets the least of my time is my study. Not proud of it, just feeling confessional.

Be Well,

Tim Dahl
Truett Grad, Dec. 2000

Emily Hunter McGowin said...


Thanks for stopping by. I'm a current Truett student. I should be graduated in the spring. Its been a long road since I commute 70 miles and my husband and I share a vehicle. But, the end is near. :)

I don't know what your experience was like, but I have loved every minute of my time at Truett. I am a better student and a better person for it.

Grace and peace, Tim,


Stushie said...

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