Friday, June 29, 2007

Baby photos...

Wade Burleson posted a picture of a big dog yesterday and it made me think of my "oldest son," Oliver. So, for a moment of levity, I thought I'd brag a little with my "baby photo." Ollie is a 95 lb boxer and the most obedient dog I've ever owned. Believe it or not, he sits on Ronnie's lap when we watch movies.

Grace and peace on Friday,



Anonymous said...

Rex Ray said…
A 95 pound dog on your husbands lap? Wow!
Reminds me of the story of a guy saying:
“I held my girlfriend on my lap two hours.”
“How did you do that?”
“The first hour I was hypnotized. The second hour I was paralyzed.”

Anonymous said...

Your pet reminds me of my dad's pair of boxers - always great companions, but they'd pull your arms out of joint if you walked them! He would drive them up to Mount Pisgah and let them loose on Saturdays.

Steve Austin

Emily Hunter McGowin said...

Yeah, Ollie doesn't even need a leash when we're outside with him. He stays right next to us and obeys our commands even from far distances. Its great. Now, on the other hand, his little bro, Cooper, is still learning sit, lie down, and stay. He's an arm-ripper when it comes to leashes.

Anonymous said...

Rex Ray said...
A dog without a leash is great, but don't let a cat run in front of him.

Jason Epps -- Salt Lake City, Utah, USA said...


We have a Boxer, too - aren't they the BEST!?! There's a picture of him on my blog at

I enjoy your thoughts - keep writing. :)

Jason Epps

Emily Hunter McGowin said...


Yes, I admit I am very biased toward boxers. We have two: Ollie (the one in the picture), who's four, and Cooper, a tan one year-old. We love them. I grew up with a boxer and Ronnie and I both love big dogs. So, we're hooked!

Thanks for sharing your picture and thanks for the encouragement.

Grace and peace,