Sunday, June 3, 2007

Away to summer camp

I will be at summer camp in Falls Creek, OK from Monday, June 4, to Saturday, June 9. Since I will be in the middle of nowhere and consumed with shepherding and loving eighth grade girls, I will be unable to access the internet until I return on Saturday evening. Please feel free to comment on my posts and I will respond when I am home again. If you think of us, please say a prayer for the 150 students and their leaders from FBC Fairfield.

Grace and peace,



Anonymous said...

Rex Ray said…
Ah! The days of Falls Creek. Been there many times with youth…the rush of days and little sleep at night is for the young.

I learned a great truth once. Since his nurse was out of pocket, a camp doctor asked me to hold a cloth over a boy’s head while he sewed up a cut.

I said OK, but I was thinking I would faint because years before I almost fainted while watching a doctor put in stitches. That doctor ran me out of the room.

But at camp, I watched the doctor and thought I could do the stitching if he asked me. What was the difference? One patient was a little boy, and one was my son.

I asked the doctor if he had ever put stitches in any of his children. He said, “Yes, but I told them if they made one little whimper, I’d stop and take them to the nearest doctor because I couldn’t handled any crying.”

Once again, “Why have you forsaken me?” made me wonder why the undeserving love that God has for us.

I will be taking my wife to Mayo Clinic June 7 in Phoenix, AZ. We have given up on doctors here to find why she passed out in church and other problems.

Linda J. said...

You are being well prayed for at our house! Miss you!

Anonymous said...

This is John. I used to have a blogspot I think in order to stay in touch with a blood drinking lesbian bass player. But my harddrive crashed and I lost the cookie. I don't even remember my screen name, much less my password.

Anyway, I can't think of a better person to be shepherding the youngin's.

Emily Hunter McGowin said...

Thanks for the prayers and encouragement. Camp was an exhausting week, but a wonderful time of our kids getting to hear from God. Its amazing what a week of isolation and focused study of Scripture can do for their souls! :) I'll be writing more about camp later.

For now, I'm trying to recover from a cold in order to leave for convention this afternoon. Ronnie and I hope to be there for dinner.

Grace and peace,